2021-2022 Order Schedule

Hi friends! Because of changes at my local supplier (I'm located in SC), I've decided I need to make a change to my ordering process for teacher shirts. I will still take orders at any time, but based on when you put in your order, you will need to wait for the delivery time attached to that timeframe (with the exception of a few shirts that are still available locally, and I'll note that with a star on the product image - not done yet... give me a week...).

This new ordering process has its pluses and minuses. The minus is probably obvious - you won't get to receive your order as quickly as you may want. Sorry about that! If you DO need it sooner than the delivery timeframe, please feel free to purchase a RUSH ORDER FEE so that I can pay for their expedited freight costs. I definitely want to still make things work for everyone as much as I can.

But the PLUS is pretty big in my estimation. This means I am able to regularly carry some brands that were not available to me before. Brands like Ogio, Port Authority and District, favorites of many of you who bought shirts from Heidi "back in the day". I'll also be adding in some moisture-managing SportTek items that are great for those "pit check" moments...

Be on the lookout for the new items, and let me know if you have an old favorite you'd like me to source. And please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or special requests. I love taking care of my customers and making them look and feel as fabulous as they (and the incredible curricula we teach) are!

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